Friday, 9 March 2012

sense of mission: leaving a legacy.

Creating high purpose and high standards

1) I like sleeping ( furniture store)
    I like dancing  (dance supply store)
    I like eating (food tester)
    I like exercising (personal trainer)
    I like laughing (happy pills)
    I like spending time with my family (therapist)

2)  I'm good at socializing (night club)
     I'm good at dancing ( dance studio)
     I'm good at driving (driving teacher)

3) Lower prices
do i have the cash ?
     No i do not have the cash to obtain these goals

Competitive position?

although I might have competition, I have the determination and goals to do so 

Seven Deadly Sins.
I'm okay - you're okay
This produces terminal inaction
We are not okay... We are NEVER okay!
crisis...and a sense of urgency are necessary for organizations to grow.

2) one best way
Silences workers forever.
Kills innovation.

3) Out of touch with competitors and customers 
your next great idea comes from competitors and customers

4)Centralize everything
This is all about controlling things... is bigger actually better ?
When i doubt-decentralize
Branson; When he sold virgin was made up of 50 different record companies with no more than 60 employees in each.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Seth Godin explains that when your building a business that you don't really have to like it, but having a business that is remarkable is the way to go! Having people thought's and having people even talk about your business is getting your business out there, and having publicity for something people find amazing! In the end they key learning to me that i got from this video is that making a business that is remarkable or memorable is far more interesting and beneficial then to have a business that is known!

 Something remarkable that could be added to our community in Cultus lake could be cleaner water and beaches such as sand. In addition to cleaner beaches, more junior amusement and activity would be a good way to get the word going around about Chilliwack. The way we can do this is adding perhaps a alcohol/drug free disco for younger kids, and indoor amusement park. For Sardis we could use newer technology as ipads, mac books, and pda's. Our entrepreneur class could include weekly presentations at different places for better learning basis.